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Send Valentines Day love from Flowers by the Neuse in Clayton NC

The BIG holiday for love. For all lovers be they young or old. Give your love a beautiful bouquet of roses this Valentine’s from Flowers by the Neuse in Downtown Clayton NC. Roses – singles and bouquet of a half dozen, a regular dozen or several dozen are a phone call away!

Custom Valentine’s Day Arrangements

If you have an interest in some thing other than roses
, Flowers by the Neuse features a fantastic assortment of fresh blooms that may be an ideal Valentine’s Day bouquet for almost any love. Have a specific notion for your bouquet and a deep desire to “make it your own” for YOUR special someone? There’s a good number of romantics out there who want something super special when they send a bouquet. We can work with you to supply any kind of look that you have in mind.

We Style Valentine’s Day Bouquets

Need Flowers by the Neuse to create something wonderful for you personally? There are lots of peoples who are over happy that we’ve been doing this function for many years, have a fantastic eye for depth and really appreciate what we do. And that signifies that people’ll prove something to shock and please YOUR Valentine each time. Using clean blooms – roses, carnations and much more – we constantly supply something of attractiveness.

Order Your Valentine’s Bouquets Ahead

We really suggest wherever you order your flowers that you do it as EARLY as possible. If you want them delivered, definitely order them at least a week ahead of time. Many of the local type florists actually hire temp workers to help with delivery on Valentine’s Day. They can’t run out and just grab extra people at he last minute. Local delivery is offered by most companies – but you do need to let them know ahead of time. Going in on Valentine’s Day and ordering and asking for delivery is a bit much for all but the largest flower delivery shop. If you’re in the Clayton North Carolina area – DO contact us for Valentine’s Day Flowers in Clayton NC

Order Valentine's Roses - Bouquets - Flowers

Learn more about Valentine’s Day

It’s enjoyed in many, many countries around the planet, despite the fact that it remains a regular working day in most of these. Whereas Christmas, New Years and Easter are fairly universal, Valentine’s Day will probably never quite reach that stage. Besides, how can you send flowers to your loved one at work if they’re not!? The holiday is a time when boyfriends and girlfriends & husbands and wives exchange cards, presents, flowers, candies and much more.

St. Valentine’s began as a liturgical celebration of a single or even more early Christian sts named Valentinus. During his incarceration, he is considered to have handled the daughter of his jailer, Asterius. In Brazil, the Dia de Sao Valentim is recognized on June 1-2.

Modern Day Valentine’s Customs

Valentine’s Day was associated with amorous love in the group of Geoffrey Chaucer in the High Middle Ages (around 1000-1300 AD), when the custom of courtly love prospered. The Large Middle Ages were a course of fantastic intellectual, religious and artistic advancement and Valentine’s is just one among several new notions to have become part of daily life. Several centuries later around the 18th century in England, the day evolved into an occasion where those in love expressed their feelings for one another by presenting flowers, supplying confectionery goodies, and sending greeting cards (known as “valentines”). Valentine’s Day symbols that are employed today comprise the heart shaped outline, doves, and the figure of the winged Roman god of love, Cupid. Since the 19th century, handwritten Valentines have pretty much been taken over by the standard store-bought Valentine’s Day card.


Desire to truly impress the love of your lifetime? Send a hand written card. Certainly it takes a little more work than flying in the Hallmark store at the very last minute and catching whatever’s left, but the aim of the present holiday will reveal to what extent your love means to you personally. Take several minutes (or more) and impress your sweetie!

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