Divorce is one of the most traumatizing and important decisions of a person’s life. It is difficult to know where to turn when you are divorced. Most people say divorce is a painful and stressful experience.

Apart from it being painful, the divorce proceeding can be extremely costly for you. Therefore, you must look for a loyal and trustworthy divorce lawyer who can assist you in the case and will also cut down your extra expenses. Hence when you are looking for a good divorce lawyer you should consider a few qualities.

Qualities to look for in good divorce lawyer

Divorce law is one of the most challenging areas of practice due to the emotions of the client. Often the client wants to use the divorce to punish the partner which can make the process very challenging for both the lawyer and the client.

– Intelligence

The ability to understand the law and apply it to a given situation is critical. The divorce lawyer you choose must know the law and be creative in ensuring that the law is used in the best way possible to protect you as their client. The lawyer should also emphasize the good and bad factors for you.

– Negotiation skills

Your divorce lawyer should have good negotiation skills. He/she should be able to negotiate the terms of your divorce. This is especially if you have children and the property that needs to be divided. The lawyer should be able to negotiate for you to get exactly what you deserve according to the marriage contract.

– Stress management

Your lawyer should be able to handle stress at any situation. All law is stressful. Due to the emotions involved divorce is especially stressful. If your lawyer cannot handle stress then she will burn out really fast.

– Perspective

A lawyer who can see both sides is able to appreciate your weaknesses and strengths in the case and same for the other side. This is a very important quality for any lawyer.

. – Experience and Efficiency

The efficiency and experience of a divorce lawyer are very important and you should consider when choosing a lawyer. When the lawyer has experience he/she will know the law best and would be able to give you quality advice about your case. You should hire a lawyer whose area of practice is particularly in the divorce area. Many people hire lawyers who are all rounded thinking that they are all the same, but it is not true. Divorce lawyers master crucial facts that can help your case become strong.

– Strength

A good divorce lawyer must be able to standup for themselves against you as the client as well as against opposing counsel and client. If your lawyer cannot control you in times of emotions then things can easily get out of hand. You should watch out for bullies in divorce law.

After you identify the qualities that you will look for in a good lawyer here are 3 major steps you can now use to find a good divorce lawyer that’s the right fit for you:

. – identify at least three potential divorce lawyers.

Do not rush to hire the first lawyer you meet. Find at least three of them whom you can interview before making your final decision. Clearly, you will need to hire one who has specialized in family law. The ideal attorney has the legal knowledge and helps you understand the divorce process very easily. Has good communication skills and is friendly.

. – conduct an interview.

Ask them about their experience and specialization in the field. Ask about their rates and fees they charge. Do not waste your time going for meetings with them if they are out of your cost range. Ensure you get the most out of each lawyer you interview. Look at their qualities; the negotiation skills and ability to convince. They should also be truthful and non-judgmental.

. – Make your decision

The divorce lawyer you choose is someone you trust and feel comfortable with. He/she has a style that works for you and supports your choice for divorce. This attorney recognizes the importance of your children and puts them first by not making unreasonable child custody arrangements. Choose the one who advises you, listens to you and has interest in your case.

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