While people want to begin helping the environment more people actually want to save energy in an effort to save cash. You’re going to discover that more people are making sure they turn the lights off when they are not in a room, but there are actually other things which people can do which will wind up helping them save more cash. Making sure your home is insulated properly is one of the things which people seem to overlook nowadays. Here we’re going to be exploring a number of the ways that folks can insulate their houses better which in turn will wind up reducing their heating and cooling costs.

When most people think of insulation they instantly think of fiberglass insulation for their houses, but there is actually a much better and safer product which is now being made. There now organizations which produce insulation from recycled garments like blue jeans. And when you decide to use an insulation like this you are going to see that not only do you not need to worry about breathing in fiberglass but you also will not need to wear gloves. Even though the health advantages of not adding more fiberglass into your house can be great the price of this new insulation is higher than traditional insulation. Simply because this is one method to start making your house more friendly to the environment, many individuals still decide to use this insulation regardless of the price.

At this stage we want to speak about the application of insulation and also that your basement would be a good place to start. Most individuals that have a basement inside their home don’t have the ceiling of the basement (the first floor of their home) insulated. I am certain you’re already aware of the fact that even in the summertime your basement is normally much colder than the rest of your house. If you insulate the ceiling in your basement you are going to discover that you will be able to reduce your heating costs in the winter months.

One more thing the you are able to do in order to lower heating costs and lower your air conditioning costs is to ensure the trim around your windows and doors is properly insulated. If you pull off the decorative trim all around your windows and doors in your house you’ll probably see that there’s a lot of gaps where there is no insulation at all. Loads of heat and air conditioning is lost through these types of areas, but if you fill these up with insulation you’ll be able to reduce your energy costs. You could also use the spray foam insulation that you could find in hardware stores but this isn’t actually a green option.

An additional area in your house which ends up causing energy losses is actually a person’s attic. The reality is that your attic can in fact end up causing more loss than your basement, but it’s something folks don’t think about. For the most part people’s attics aren’t insulated at all, and when you actually want to save energy having your attic insulated properly will help. Keeping your home warm during the cold months and cool during the summer time without spending a fortune can be carried out by simply insulating.

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